Westwood was born from an idea that composing on a computer would be much better if it felt like you’re writing with a musician and an instrument in front of you. 

We understand that not everyone has the means, time or access to live musicians but we know that writing music can often be inspired from experimenting with a real instrument in the room.

Often to us, virtual instruments sound too clean, polished and have had any natural character stripped from them, which in our minds is the very thing that makes music sound most interesting.

We like to find musicians that follow this mindset and will choose instruments that don’t sound too perfect. We then capture real performances with all their individual nuances and playing styles. Sometimes with traditional performance techniques and sometimes with unique and unconventional ideas. Theses aren’t phrase libraries; more like a real musician putting a feeling in your music.

We sample instruments using the world’s best microphones through an impeccable signal chain. Each individual sample is then crafted to shape its character whilst keeping some of their natural flaws. These samples are then wrapped up in a custom virtual instrument made for use in Native Instrument’s Kontakt.