Our brand new framework for Kontakt. 

Built from the ground up as a universal home for all of our acoustic and orchestral based sample instruments.

From releases in 2023 onwards.

Complex simplicity

A unified Kontakt framework and interface1 that can handle multiple styles of acoustic and orchestral based sample libraries. Advanced and complex behind the scenes. It can take care of pizzicato, pianos, percussion, piccolos and legato anything. Simple and intuitive at the front. It’s an experience that’s been designed to provide a clean aesthetic and nimble workflow.

Designed by our customers

Based on user feedback from our first sample libraries, we’ve taken everyone’s comments and requests to influence the feature list and design of the interface.

Running out of RAM?

We know that large DAW templates can often test the amount of RAM you have. With one click, Evergreen libraries can purge all unused articulations. This will keep your projects lean, reduce opening times and keep your track count as high as possible. You can also purge unused microphone positions to free up even more power.

Robust and accessible

Built for Kontakt Player. The world’s most robust and powerful host plugin for sample libraries. A free plugin with no additional software purchase required.

Fully integrated with Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol software and hardware. Designed with the visually-impaired in mind. The Komplete Kontrol software offers speech output via the computer, providing key information about our instruments currently loaded, and during browsing. This makes our NKS sample libraries more accessible for everyone.

Independent editing.

Edit the sound of each individual articulation without affecting the others.

With controls2 for dynamic control, level, attack, release, sample start time and a handful of useful round robin options.

Mix, save, load, repeat.

A comprehensive mic and signal mixer with all the controls you’d expect to see. Once you’ve found the perfect mix, you can save it to use in other projects or load it into other instruments3.

Mood included

One of our favourite techniques to transform samples, is to pitch shift them down and then transpose them back up. This creates a darker sound and brings out some really interesting qualities you hear when the sample is played back slower then when it was recorded. 

Included in every Evergreen library is the Transpitch control. It gives you 6 different settings which can all be accessed with one click, to turn the sound into instant mood.

Always in beta

Our goal with Evergreen is to never say “we’re done”. We always want to push forwards and refine everything we do. With your feedback and our pursuit for progress, not perfection, Evergreen is a framework that will adapt and evolve over time.

1 Not every type of control may apply to all articulations.

2 We’re not saying we won’t make the occasional exclusive UI every now and again 🙂

3 From the same library and microphone configuration.