Thank you for your purchase!

We really appreciate it and can’t wait for you to start making some new music.

Okay, here's how to start downloading your new instrument.

All of our downloads are handled by an app called Pulse.

It’s a fast, easy and reliable download manager, purpose built for sample libraries.

You will need the license key that was emailed to you shortly after purchase.


If you don’t already have Pulse, download it using the link here.

It’s free and available for Mac, Windows and Linux.

Once downloaded, click on the installer to install on to your machine.

Open Pulse and register a user name and password or enter your existing Pulse details.

Please note this is NOT the same as your Westwood Instruments account name and password.

Once logged in, click on “+ Add a Product”.

Copy and paste your license key (found in your purchase email) and click Redeem.


You will be asked where you would like to save the instrument. Choose a suitable location with enough free space and click download.

Important Please wait for Pulse to notify you when the download is complete. You may look at the folder and think it’s ready to rock, but Pulse may still be extracting and compiling the download.


If you have purchased LOST PIANO, you will also need to register it in Native Access before you can start using it. Please use the same license key as your download to register. You do not need to register any of our other libraries in Native Access.

If you’re unsure how to do this, you can find further details on Native Instrument’s website here:


Enjoy your new instrument and go write some awesome music.

Download FAQs

What exactly is Pulse?

It’s a download manger built specifically for sample libraries and virtual instruments, by a very talented bunch of people. Super lightweight and very fast. It’s used by multiple sample library developers to distribute and manage their libraries.

Wait, not another download manager!

Yes, but because Pulse is used by multiple sample library companies, it actually reduces the amount of additional software you need to install. It stops having to have one app for every company you buy from.

Why doesn't everyone use them?

You tell us! We think it’s awesome and other similar industries have had shared solutions like this for ages.

Do I have to download my instrument via Pulse?

We can generate you a custom download link which does not require you to download any additional software. However because this is a manual process so you may have to wait 24-48 hours for us to respond to your request. Plus, you’ll be using your browser to download which is much slower and not as stable.

Do I need to keep Pulse installed?

No, unlike Native Access you can delete is once you’ve downloaded any of our instruments. However, the footprint is really tiny and hardly takes any space. You also need it for any updates that may be available to instruments you have inside Pulse.

Do I need to register the new instrument with Native Access?

Currently, you only need to register LOST PIANO in Native Access. All of our other libraries use the full version of Kontakt and are not licensed for Kontakt Player, so you do NOT need to register them through Native Access.

I need help!
Please contact us via the support form here.

Please don’t reply to your purchase email.