An upright piano with stories to tell

Alt Piano is an old, humble and character-filled upright piano from the 1960s. Recorded with and without felt, this piano has two very different personalities; soft and beautiful or bright and lively. The original recordings have also been transformed into a series of inspiring textural layers. These can be used to create a subtle background ambience to the piano, or made into their own atmospheric organic sounds. There are dozens of other unique controls, making this piano impressively versatile and allowing you to easily create an extensive range of sounds for any genre.


An upright character piano
Recorded with and without felt
4 microphone positions
“Live” player controls
11 unique textures
Over 40 presets


Viewer's Choice - Best Piano
Sample Library Review Awards 2023


Uses the free Kontakt PLAYER
Works in all major DAWs
Compatible with NKS


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Sample Library Review

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Natural or felted

(or somewhere in-between)

We recorded the piano twice. With and without felt which provides you with two very distinct characters. Both are full of subtle imperfections and individuality.

The natural sound of the piano without felt is bright and lively, whilst the felted recordings are soft and gentle.

But best of all, you don’t have to choose. We created a control which lets you blend between the two recordings to dial in a sound that suits you.


“If you need a piano that is an amazing ‘go-to’ for multi purpose then this is the one. I’ve found it’s possible to get everything from intimate to epic from it very quickly.”

Lex Shellard
Trailer, Film, TV and Games Composer
Oppenheimer, Dune, Assassins Creed Mirage, Ms Marvel, Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning

Customer reviews

“Alt Piano is one of the most wonderful and inspiring upright piano keyboard libraries. Westwood is really something very special. ”


“That Transpitch feature should be in every piano library ever, it’s so useful and gives the recordings so much new life.”

VI Control

“Ah shucks, I have dozens of piano libraries but they’re either clean sounding or felted, so decided to go for this one. I love the sound but also all the options. And how is this so cheap??!!!!”

VI Control

“I legit own every felted piano sample library known to man lmao, but this absolutely takes the cake. The most fun I’ve ever had playing a sample piano library; the customisation and feel of the whole thing is just so impressive, especially for it’s price point. Thank you for taking such time and care sampling this, and creating a truly wonderful VST ya’ll rock.”



Subtle ambience or full blown vibe

The original session recordings have been transformed into 11 textural layers. Add a subtle ambience to augment the main piano or use them on their own in the front and centre of your music.

We used a combination of vintage cassette decks, time-stretched reel-to-reel, boutique guitar pedals and other experimental techniques to create a range of distinct sounds, full of character and soul.

To add even more interest, the sound of each one can be changed in its own unique way using the texture slider.

Behind the recording

We recorded the piano in the crypt of a church. It’s lived there for the past 10 years since a band we know have recorded all their albums in this unlikely place.

We used an absolutely world-class pristine signal path, capturing everything at 96kHz through legendary Neve 1073 pre-amps and Burr Brown AD convertors.

The signal started with a matched pair of Coles 4038’s as close as we dare put them to the hammers, to capture a really detailed sound. A stereo pair of AKG 414’s made an excellent job of providing a more natural and open perspective. We used a pair of SE-2’s on the rear soundboard which gives you a boxy and bright sound. Finally we set up another stereo pair of AKG 414’s right in the furthest and vaults of the room to record a really distant and ambient perspective.


Wait, there's more?

"Live Pianist"

Create a more real and authentic performance by adding the sound of a “Live” player including gentle piano stool creaks, clothing foley and some subtle room ambience.


Create a darker, moodier sound, unachievable any other way. A powerful, but simple control which pitch shifts and transposes with just one click.


A really precise control which allows you to make the piano sound like it’s fallen out of tune. You can make it sound anywhere between a day and a decade out of tune.

Explore the interface

Kontakt user interface of Alt Piano

Dial in the "Live" pianist sounds including some light clothing foley, piano stool creaks and room ambience.

Control the level and balance of the 4 microphone positions. There are also faders for the piano sounds inlcuding the sustain pedal, string resonance and key noises.

8 high-quality custom reverb impulses, created to give you immediate an immediate feeling and transform the sound into a wide range of spaces.

Select and combine any of the piano sounds and textures. The level and various other controls can each be edited independently.

Blend between the natural piano sound and the felted piano sound.

The sound of each texture layer can be transformed in its own unique way using this fader.

Our unique Transpitch control create a darker and moodier sound by pitch-shifting the samples down and transposing them back up at the same time.

The Piano Front control emulates the subtle change in timbre that happens when you remove the front wooden panel from the piano.

8 high-quality custom reverb impulses, created to give you immediate vibe and transport the sound into a wide range of spaces.

This control changes the tuning on every single key in a slightly different way, emulating the piano going out of tune over time.

Introduce some subtle signal noise into the signal to create a more lo-fi effect.

A powerful and transformative delay engine which can be used to create a huge range of sounds from a clean uncoloured delay to more unstable vintage tape echoes to expansive and hazy washes.

"All the best characters in films have flaws. I believe the best pianos do too."

Rob Hill
Founder, Westwood Instruments


What's included?






Super close and dry. A pair of Coles 4038s placed inches away from the insides of the piano.

A balanced perspective with more room to breathe and less focus on the mechanical sounds of the piano.

A flatter sound recorded from the soundboard at the rear of the piano.

A diffuse and unfocussed sound recorded in an adjacent room to the piano. Use sparingly to add some natural depth.

Individual controls for:
Key noises, String resonance and the sustain pedal.

Tech Specs

Good to know


Uses the free KONTAKT PLAYER
Version 6.6.1 or higher
NKS compatible
Native Access required for activation

System Requirements

Mac OS 10.13 High Seirra or higher
Windows 10 or higher

All major DAWs supported

8GB RAM minimum

3.7GB download size
Downloads using the free Pulse app

User Manual

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