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Vintage synths, reimagined

A vast collection of curated sounds, created from a revered selection of rare analogue synthesisers. From classics like the Juno 60 and Polysix to more unusual models like the Logan String Melody II and an Arp Odyssey. All re-sampled through guitar pedals and tape.

Combine and manipulate layers to make your own unique sound, and use the Memories engine to generate a sophisticated rhythmical underscore.

Lost Synth is a journey of exploration, where everything sounds enticingly unfamiliar and nothing quite like you remember.


80 unique source sounds
Award-winning interface
Arpeggiator MEMORIES engine
GET LOST randomiser
Over 200 presets


Uses the free Kontakt PLAYER
Works in all major DAWs
Compatible with NKS


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Dan Keen

"It's so cool and so inspiring and I've only very lightly touched the surface."

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"Our brief was simple;
make sounds that feel like they come from a movie"

Rob Hill

Founder, Westwood

Made to stupefy

Our first true out-of-house collaboration. Matt Peel and Tom Orrell from The Nave recording studio, took over the artistic reigns for this project. With Matt’s enviable collection of rare vintage synths and Tom’s highly zealous engineering brain, the two were the perfect fit to create a set of sounds made to stupefy.

From one simple brief, they spent countless hours teasing sounds from synths made in the 70s and 80s. Inlcuding the Logan String Melody II, ARP Odyssey, Polysix, Mono/Poly, MS20, Juno 60, RS-09 and a Minimoog*

Enhancing them even further by feeding them into tape delays, a stack of boutique guitar pedals and reel-to-reel.

What they’ve crafted is a collection of one-of-a-kind sublime sounds that feel strangely unfamiliar, and nothing like you’ve played before.

*Synthesiser names are used for informative purposes only.
No affiliation or endorsement by any manufacturer implied.

"I've been collecting old and unusual synths for a really long time. It's been great to explore what brand new sounds we could create with them."

Matt Peel






All of the sounds are grouped into 5 categories,
so it’s easy to find things you like.

Or things you don’t, if that’s what you’re into.

"We were guided by our own tastes to make brand new sounds that we would want to use in own productions and music. Everything from sounds that work great as the main focus to ones that sit perfectly as textural elements."

Tom Orrell

Rhythmical underscore

The MEMORIES engine creates an arpeggiated underscore. Load any of the 80 sounds and transform them into a distant haze or a more upfront accompaniment. More interesting than a delay, more sophisticated than an arpeggiator.

Get started

With the endless range of possibilities in the instrument, we’ve created over 200 snapshot presets to get you somewhere good quickly. Arranged in a way to find a simple starting point that you can take in your own direction, or choose one of the more complex and interesting combinations you might not have thought about.

Murphy's Law
You Must Never
No One's Land
End Of Level
Iron Trenches
Be Kind Rewind
Fried PCB
Calculator Boy
Brain Awake
Midnight Somewhere


A single switch that randomises almost everything in the whole instrument to take a dive into the unknown.

A distant dream or a raging nightmare.
Who knows where you’ll land.


Good to know

System Requirements

Kontakt Player
Mac OS 10.13 or higher
Windows 7 or higher
All major DAWs supported
3.7GB download size
Downloads using the free Pulse app
Native Access
 is required for license activation.

Free Kontakt Player

This sample library works with the free version of Kontakt PLAYER 6.6.1 or higher and is NKS compatible.


Every copy of Lost Synth is automatically watermarked for each customer with unique identifying information which we use to track piracy.

Any questions?

I want a big hoover sound for my next dubstep track, are there any in here?

There are definitely some sounds in Lost Synth that are huge and cinema shaking, but none of them are particularly clean or glossy. The focus was on interesting gritty moods, and unusual vibes. Stuff that felt it was from a classic film you’ve never seen before.

So no, you might not find any giant hoovers.

Will this work in the free version of Kontakt?

Yes. Lost Synth works using the free Kontakt Player, version 6.6.1 or higher.

Some of our other instruments do need the full version of Kontakt, so please ensure you have the correct version before purchasing anything from us.

Can I use this in commercial releases?

Yes! What you can’t do is repackage the individual samples or re-release them as another sample library, but you can absolutely use them to make the next score to a film about a stunt-driving getaway driver.