The complete Untamed collection

All four of our Untamed libraries in one collection. Includes Strings, Brass, Winds, and Percussion. An amazing array of original sounds and interesting techniques which are perfect for alternative scores and adding the life and soul into your music. They also work perfectly for creating that missing human element into larger symphonic arrangements.

Expertly performed and recorded with multiple mic positions and presented in a simple and intuitive interface. 

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Kontakt FULL 5.6.8 and above

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Solo Strings Untamed

Solo Brass Untamed

Solo Winds Untamed

Percussion Untamed

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The Untamed Collection


“Solo Strings Untamed is awesome. Often times I’m looking for a playable solo library that isn’t so pristine and “perfect” – one with character and humanity that’s able to make something haunting or beautiful (or hauntingly beautiful) – It’s definitely one of my secret weapons.”

Brett Detar

“I absolutely adore the concept and always find inspiration using them! Works very well with my avant-garde approach to making music. And I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface.”

Nate Johnson
VI Control

“Sounds amazing. As always with Westwood, great recording quality, great sampling, and super attractive price!”

Emmanuel Rousseau
VI Control

“Absolutely wonderful sounds, one of the most human sounding libraries I ever heard.”

Stefano Rossi

"A real exploration of performance, from the fragile to the furious. This is the perfect collection of sounds for alternative scores."

Rob Hill
Founder, Westwood

Tech specs


~ 86 GB download size

~ 172 GB needed during installation

Downloads using the free Pulse download app


This collection is compatible with the full version of
Kontakt PLAYER 5.6.8 and above.

It will not work with the free Kontakt Player.