Win all of our sample libraries worth over $1300


As part of the launch of our new flagship library, Novella Origin, we are hosting a competition with two different challenges. Try your hand at rescoring a video or remixing a track. It’s up to you; try one or be brave and give them both a shot.

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Rescore our 3 minute launch film from the ground up, using any sample libraries and live instruments you want. 

Work your music around the visuals and dialogue to create a score that elevates the message and excites the audience.

Watch the video you have to rescore.

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Remix one of our demos using the provided stems. Rework and transform them, add completely new sounds or simply record your own lyrics and vocal over the top.

Create your own version without losing the spirit of the original.

Listen to the original track you have to remix.

  • "4. Adrian Banks - Take It Back To The Origin (Instrumental)".





1. Download the pack you want to use
2. Get to work rescoring or remixing
3. Export your final track with the video
4. Upload your final video to YouTube


Add the text provided in the download pack into the YouTube description. We can't find your submission without it!



The winner of each challenge will win all of our sample libraries worth over $1300


There will be one runner-up in each challenge and they will win a copy of Novella Origin


If you win, but already have all of some of our libraries, don't panic! We will give you what you're missing and top up your account with credit to the remaining value, which you can spend on future releases.




Do I need to mix the score with the dialogue?
Yes, we expect you to mix your score with the existing dialogue and voice over. Do not add effects or change the dialogue in any way.

Can I add sound design and effects to the score?
Yes, if you feel it needs it you can add additional non-musical elements. Maybe not any explosions though 🙂

I’ve never scored anything before, I’m never going to win. What’s the point in taking part?
Use this opportunity to practice. Use it to gain experience and advice from your peers. And well, because someone much smarter than us once said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”


Can I do anything?
Pretty much! We want you to be creative, so do as much or as little with the stems as you like. All we ask is that it has to have recognisable elements and be a remix of the original – not a completely different track.

You could leave the stems unaltered and just add your own lyrics and vocal over the top. Or you could create a Breakbeat version of the track. Just ask yourself, “would someone recognise the original track from my remix?”

Can I change the tempo and length of the track?
We want to keep things creative for you but also fair to everyone. The length of your track must be between 1m30s and no longer than the original track and video. You can change and vary the tempo if required, but read the above for our guidance on changing things too much – maybe a 700bpm Splittercore version is a bit too out there.


Does it cost anything to enter?
No. We want to make the competition as inclusive as possible, so there is no fee for entry.

Do I have to do both the RESCORE and REMIX challenge to enter?
No. You can do one or the other or try both. It’s up to you! There are prizes for the winner and runner-up of each challenge.

Do I have to use Westwood sample libraries in my entry?
No! You can use any instruments you choose. Real or sampled.

Will using Westwood sample libraries give me extra credit?
Not one bit. We will NOT give any additional credit to scores featuring our instruments.

Who is judging the competition?
Rob Hill and the team at Westwood

When is the deadline?
Midnight GMT, Tuesday 21st November 2023.

When will the winners be announced?
December 2023.

Can I / will I receive individual feedback on my entry?
Unfortunately we will not be able to provide feedback on every entry. We recommend connecting on Facebook or YouTube and asking your peer group for their critique. Please be nice and support each other!

Can anyone in the World enter the competition?
Please check your local restrictions as not all countries and territories allow participation in this kind of event.

Will I retain rights to my work?
RESCORE – You will retain all rights to the music you create.

REMIX – The rights of the original track and stems belong to ADRIAN BANKS and DOLLY MAVIES. You are NOT permitted to license, sell or upload the provided stems, original track or your final composition in whole or in part, to any streaming or online platforms other than YouTube for the purposes of the competition only.

How will my entry be used?
If you are chosen as a winner or runner-up, your name and submission will be used on our website and social media channels.

Can I use my final music and scored film in my portfolio and on my website?
Yes! Please ensure you reference it as a competition entry for Westwood Instruments.

If I enter, how will my data be used?
• We will only use your email address to contact you if you win and arrange how to award prizes.
• We will not share your email address with any third party.
• You will not receive any marketing emails from Westwood Instruments, unless you have subscribed and opted-in to our newsletter list.


1  You are allowed a single entry to the RESCORE and single entry to the REMIX. You do NOT have to enter both categories. Multiple entries into each category will disqualify you from the competition. 

2 For the RESCORE competition, you must not alter the included dialogue or voice-over in any way.

3  You must be over 18 to enter.

4  The submission you enter must be entirely your own work and 100% original. The REMIX competition by it’s nature will include work that is not your own, but all additional music in the final track must be yours.

5  Entries posted after the closing time will not be accepted. No exceptions!

6  All entries must use the provided text as part of the YouTube description. This text is included in the download pack. You must not change or alter this text in any way, except where permitted.

7  By entering this competition you agree that if you win a prize, your name and final submission can be used on our website and social media channels.

8  This competition is not supported or sponsored by Meta, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Soundcloud, TikTok, Twitter or any third party.

9  Do not change the frame rate, length or change the look of the included videos.

10  Judges decision is final.

11  Current employees, freelancers or people personally known to the judges or the team at Westwood are not permitted to enter.

12  No prize alternatives are offered.